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  1. 36. Protection of the Environment in Relation to Armed Conflicts

    The CAVV expresses its appreciation both of the draft principles drawn up by the International Law Commission (ILC) on the ...

    Advisory report | 09-07-2020 | CAVV

  2. 26. Autonomous Weapon Systems: The Need for Meaningful Human Control

    In this report the CAVV and the Advisory Council on International Affairs (AIV) argue that the use of autonomous weapons must ...

    Advisory report | 12-10-2015 | CAVV, AIV

  3. 23. Armed Drones

    This advisory report examines the international legal aspects of armed drone attacks. The CAVV was asked to advise on the ...

    Advisory report | 05-07-2013 | CAVV

  4. 3. Disarmament and Arms Control

    In this advisory report the CAVV provides comments on the preliminary report entitled ‘The Development of International Law ...

    Advisory report | 23-12-1998 | CAVV